Monday, September 28, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Aiden started preschool this fall at Teaching World. So far he has really enjoyed it. He goes two days a week for 3 hours at a time. These were pictures of his first day at school.

Aiden found his cubby!

This was the homework he had to turn in on his first day of school.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My 32nd Birthday

We went to dinner at Cafe Ole for my birthday. Jim surprised me and had Rudy and his mariachi band come and play and sing for me. We had a good time.

Fair Time

We took the kids to the Boise fair in August. Aiden had a blast riding the rides. We ran into our neighbors, so he and Dawson got to ride several rides together :)
Aiden was having so much fun petting and brushing this big cow, until it decided to step on his foot. We were teasing him that the cow wanted to wear his flip flop. This made him laugh in between all the crying.

Daddy and Addison

Little Miss Addie

Addie just turned 7 months old. Wow does time fly. I love watching her little personality blossom. She has such a sweet demeanor. Addie is always smiling and is very social. It is so sweet to watch her with Aiden. He is definitely her favorite person. We just love having a little girl. They are so much fun to dress up! You can never have to many bows or pink clothes.
Addie is moving all over now. We never find her in the same spot. She had gotten herself stuck in between the couch and the end table in this picture.

Look at this wild hair! We love it though. I have to pull it up in pig tails or pony tails everyday or it is in her eyes.
Addie taking a tubby in the sink at the hotel in Twin Falls.


What a happy girl!
Daddy was feeding Addie bananas for the first time. I'm not sure she liked them.
Look at that face! I'm pretty sure she didn't like them.

Before I snapped this picture Addie had her toe in her mouth. I wasn't fast enough though, I missed it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh how Aiden loves his bunnies!

Every time we go to Salmon, Aiden will spend hours holding and petting the bunnies in the petting zoo. So his grandma Valerie gave him 2 bunnies to bring back to Nampa. Their names are Peter and Pumpkin eater. My mom said "well I hope you either have 2 boys or 2 girls, so you don't end up with baby bunnies" (I guess it is hard to tell the sex of a bunny when they are babies.) Well Aiden's bunnies got bigger and about a month ago we saw Pumpkin eater "playing" with Peter. So we switched their names and figured out that we have a girl and a boy bunny:) I guess their gestation time is about 33 days, so we figure that we might have baby bunnies any day. Anyone up for a free baby bunny?

We keep joking that we can't believe the bunnies are alive between Aiden handling them and our dog Spencer. (Spencer is completely obsessed with the bunnies, almost crazy. He is always biting little tufts of hair out of their tails)
Aiden was playing doctor with his bunnies on this day.

4th of July

We went to Salmon over the 4th. We had such a good time. The kids all had fun playing in the petting zoo and we lit fireworks off down at my parents cabin. Jim and the other guys had bought several fireworks and put on quite a show for us!
This is my mom, grandpa, grandma, and sisters!

Brielle and Addison.
Addison and Aiden love my cousin Brielle, she is so good with kids!
All the kids got to go on a horse back ride. Of course Aiden rode his horse "Spook".

Some friends of ours came to Salmon with us. So all of the girls went on a horseback ride. It was a beautiful day!


We didn't really get to go boating much this summer. With moving and lots of projects, our summer went by fast. We did make it out a few times though. Addie really liked the boat. Which is good because we are typically on it a lot in the summer.
I guess this is one of the perks to being a boy on a boat. If you've got to go potty, you just do it off the back of the boat! Look at those cute little buns :)
We put Aiden on the surf board and Jim held it while I drove the boat. Aiden did good, he was very proud of himself for "surfing".

Jim talked me into surfing this summer. It was actually a lot of fun and much smoother than wake boarding when you crash .
This is a video of Aiden, Devon, and Cameron rockin out on the boat, so cute! (Aiden is the one in the middle)

Hmm, is this safe?

Aiden and the little neighbor girl, Dawson, play together almost everyday. Their birthdays are just 4 days apart and as you will see they have a lot of fun together.

I had just laid Addison down for bed and when out to check on the kids and this is what I found them doing...They had tied a rope from Aiden's battery operated jeep to his car. He was pulling Dawson full speed in a huge circle. I started to make them stop, but they were having so much fun and I thought it was pretty creative that they had thought of this on their own. So instead I took a video and supervised them :)

Here is a video clip of them, its pretty funny!

Swim Lessons

Aiden took swim lessons for a week this summer. He did pretty good and had fun. We did one-on-one lessons for him this year because he is a little apprehensive in the water. With a little bribery, she got him to dive under the water. She put his favorite cars on the bottom of the pool, so he had to get them :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We moved into our house the end of June. Wow, moving is a lot of work. Especially when we had just moved 6 months prior to this. It was all worth it though, we are really ejoying our new house. I am finally feeling settled. Aiden was a little nervous to move again, but he is loving the 5 acres he has to run and play on.