Thursday, January 28, 2010


For Christmas my cousin Alle, got Addie this knitted hat. I love it. It gives her a little feminine touch when she is wearing her BSU jersey!

Aiden's school project

Aiden's family project for school this month was to make a stick horse. This was the finished product. Aiden of course named it Spook.

Addison Mary

We can't believe how much Addison has changed over the past few months. This is such a fun age. I love watching her learn new things. She is such a happy girl.
Good morning Addie! you definitely have bed head!

Here is Addie showing off her new pink boots.

Addie playing with uncle Mike on Christmas day.
Dinner time!

Driving the big brown ranch truck

When ever we go to Salmon, Aiden likes to drive the big brown ranch truck, while my dad feeds cows. My dad puts the truck in low and Aiden gets to steer it, while my dad throws hay bales off the back of the truck. Aiden is very proud of himself when ever he drives. I think one of his favorite parts of driving is honking the horn at the cows :)
Here is a video of Aiden driving. He is so serious!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Broom Ball and Ice Skating

Lance made an ice skating rink on my mom and dads ranch. It is actually really cute. He even put Christmas lights up all around it. We took Aiden ice skating one night and then later we all played broom ball. Which is quite dangerous, but fun. I can't even begin to count how many times Lance fell on the ice while playing. Good thing he is young :)
Aiden and Daddy!
Heather and Lance!

Mom and dad!

Here is our game of broom ball. The guys were so aggressive and competitive we broke a few brooms while playing!

Christmas Day!

This was how we started off Christmas morning. Aiden checking his "trap" for Santa Claus. The last two years Poppy Verdell and uncle Lance have helped Aiden try to catch Santa. Last year he caught Santa's boot and this year he caught Santa's hat. Aiden was pretty excited!
Aiden and Addie playing with their presents from Santa.

Addie loved her little push toy/stroller she got.
Here are our Christmas pajamas this year.

Our dogs love Christmas almost as much as we do! Everyone in my family has pets so we always have the pets exchange names for Christmas. I know its a little silly but our dogs love it :) Here is a video of Spencer opening his gift.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is Aiden and Santa at the Muniz's house.
So I have this funny story about Santa Claus and Aiden. Santa came to one of our playgroups a couple of days prior to us visiting Santa at the Muniz family's. Aiden usually loves Santa, but he ran off and hid. When I asked him what was wrong he told me he was "pretty sure he was on the naughty list." It was very funny. I assured him I thought he was in the clear and then we asked Santa just to make sure. Needless to say he was excited to see Santa at Matt and Angie's house.

Addison was very interested in Santa's beard!

Aiden's 4th Birthday!

Aiden's 4th Birthday started off with chocolate chip pancakes in bed. Boy was he excited about that!

Here is Aiden sitting on his birthday present from us. I am sure he will have fun with this out in the pasture this summer!

Here is Aiden making a birthday wish. I can't believe he is already 4. Where does the time go? Aiden has totally lost that "baby" look. Where did his little chubby cheeks go :(

Monkey Bizness, what a fun place!

We had Aiden's friend birthday party at Monkey Bizness. It was very fun. I think all the daddy's had as much fun as the kids!
Here is Aiden's jungle cake!
Go Aiden

Addie loved watching all the kids go down the slide. She even went a few times with her daddy.

Here is my dad, mom, me, and Heather.


We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. My family and most of Jim's family were able to come. Our friends the Downie's joined us too.
The guys broke out a game of poker later that evening.
Here is the kids table at dinner time. They are being silly as usual!

Cousin Ashlee and Addison


We had a couple Halloween parties this year.
This one was at our house with all the kids from our playgroup. We painted pumpkins, had punch with pretend spiders in it, and of course dressed up :)

This party was at the Downie family's. Aiden fell off the trampoline this night and landed on his head. So he had a huge red scab in the middle of his forehead for a couple of weeks. We told him it just matched his Buzz lightyear costume and looked like another button to push. He thought that was pretty funny.

My little lady bug!
Here is Buzz with the red "button" on his head.
The McLarens had an adult only Halloween party that started after our kids were done trick or treating. This is Debbie, Tami, Me, Jim, and Ron getting ready for the party. Doesn't Ron make a a great Bret Michaels!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with pumpkins

Aiden had so much fun carving his pumpkin this year. He did most of it himself. As you can see Addison had fun too, chewing on the pumpkins.

When my family was here visiting this fall, we all took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Here is Aiden picking out his pumpkin.
(oops forgot to get this picture turned around)

Here we are on the wagon ride around the pumpkin patch.

Fall time, my favorite season!

Playing in the leaves, while we were in Salmon.

and the rocks!

Me and my sissy's!