Monday, December 13, 2010

Aiden's 5th Birthday

We had Aiden's birthday party at Sidekicks Karate. This is the place Aiden takes his karate classes. The kids had a blast. They got to run around the gym and they played games.
This is a picture of Aiden cutting his cake with a real Samurai sword. He thought this was pretty cool.
The guy helping Aiden cut his cake is Mr. Chris. He is one of Aiden's instructors.
Opening gifts
This is part of the dragon off Aiden's cake. He had already eaten the head off :)
They had a pinata filled with candy for the kids to break. Instead of using a bat to break it open though, they had to do karate kicks on it. They all liked this.
Mr. Chris had Aiden get up and show his friends a few karate kicks they could use on the piƱata.

Jims Elk

Jim and my brother in law Lance, both drew for an elk hunt in Salmon this year. They both ended up shooting an elk this year! Here is a picture of Jim's.
Aiden thought it was pretty cool. Addie didn't so much :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Halloween and Fall in Salmon

Addie and Aiden had so much fun playing in the leaves at the dog park!
Aiden and Addison riding Spook.

Here is Aiden on Halloween. He was Bumblebee the transformer.
Here is Addison. She was a pumpkin fairy.

Carving Pumpkins

Aiden carved his own pumpkin.

Here is our niece Ashlee, carving her monster of a pumpkin.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Aiden's transformer costume.

Jim made Aiden's Halloween costume out of boxes and duct tape this year. It was Bumblebee the transformer and it actually transformed.

This is the finished product!

With working head lights and all. Way to go Daddy! :)

The Pumpkin Patch

Aiden loved climbing the rock wall at the pumpkin patch.

Aiden's school met at the pumpkin patch. What a fun day. There was so much to do there.
Here is our niece Ashlee. She picked out the biggest pumpkin she could carry!
Addie picked out her pumpkin. It was just her size.

Aiden playing in the huge bin of corn.

Aiden's first day of pre-kindergarten

Aiden finding his cubby.
Aiden loves preschool and has a wonderful teacher this year, her name is Ms. Annie. Whenever I go help in Aiden's class, I notice that the kids are always loving on Ms. Annie. She make them all feel special and she is really gifted in teaching children. We feel very blessed to have her as Aiden's teacher:)

Our family loves summer time.

This is Aiden wake boarding with his dad. I don' know if you can tell, but Aiden is giving a thumbs up.

Riding the tube with the Downie family.
Riley and Jim jumping off the side of the boat.

Cameron, Aiden and Devon jumping of the rocks into a swimming pool.

Addie and her wild, wild hair!

Jim landed his flip!

Jim landed his flip on the wake board this summer. My family was in town and Jim and my brother in law are really competitive. They were both trying to land a flip and Jim finally did. Lance tried right after Jim and landed his flip too.
He flips!
He lands!
And rides it out :) Yeah Jim!

Cabo San Lucas!

We went to Mexico with two other couples for a week in June. We had a great time. Our resort was beautiful and had great food. This was my first time leaving Addison and only my second time leaving Aiden. They stayed in Salmon with my parents and did great though.
We went fishing one day and actually caught a sword fish. It was a really cool experience!
This was when we were trying to reel him in.

This is one of the outside bars on the resort.