Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter!

All dressed up for church!

This was Easter morning. Daddy was putting together Addie's doll house.

Aiden was so excited, he got a zhu zhu pet!
Addie opening her Easter basket. Look at that wild hair!

Hunting for eggs

Our church has an Easter play and a big Easter egg hunt every year. The kids had fun and found lots and lots of eggs!

Daddy and Aiden coloring eggs. We bought a camouflage egg coloring kit this year. The eggs turned out really cool.

The finished product!

Tubby Time

Tubby time is so much more fun with a sister. Aiden
can paint her instead of the bathtub!

4 Wheel'n'

Now that the weather is getting nicer, Aiden has been able to ride his 4 wheeler. He is getting really good on it. He looks so cute riding it around. He likes going over little jumps out in our pasture. This is a picture of him and daddy on their 4 wheelers.

Our dog, Sydney, loves to chase the 4 wheeler.

Here is Addie cheering Aiden on as he rides.

Aiden's surgery

Aiden had a rough winter, with lots of ear infections and having his ear drums rupture several times. His tonsils were also blocking about 75% of his airway, so they decided to do a sleep study.
This is a picture of Aiden hooked up to all the wires for the sleep study. (He had to sleep with all of this on.) He was quite a trooper. They said he was their best patient that night :) When they got the results of the sleep study back, they found that he had moderate to severe sleep apnea, from his enlarged tonsils. They decided to remove his tonsils and adenoids and place ear tubes the very next day.
Aiden right before his surgery.

This was after the surgery. Aiden ate lots of popsicles and milkshakes for a couple of weeks. He actually healed really fast. I think he was in so much pain before the surgery that recovering from the surgery wasn't that bad.

Birthday Girl!

We can't believe our baby girl is already one. Time goes by so fast. Addison is at such a fun age. Full of personality! She has such a sweet little demeanor. She loves to give big open mouth kisses, along with a few head butts ( you can tell she has a big brother). It is so funny how different your kids can be. Aiden was such a mamma's boy, but Addie LOVES her daddy. When she hears him come home from work she heads for the garage door as fast as she can. Its pretty sweet. She thinks Aiden is pretty special too. His name was one of her first words. I often think about my kids and feel so blessed that they are healthy and happy. God is good!

Happy 1st Birthday Addison

This was Addisons birthday party. I had ordered her this big pink tutu for her 1 year pictures and her birthday party. So cute! She loves to pretend to talk on the phone. I wonder where she learned that :)

Ooh how Addie loved her cake!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We went sledding at Idaho City with friends a couple of different times this year. It was a beautiful day out and the kids had a blast!
Where are Aiden's eyes :)

This is a video of Aiden and Levi sledding down the hill. They caught a little air!