Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aiden's surgery

Aiden had a rough winter, with lots of ear infections and having his ear drums rupture several times. His tonsils were also blocking about 75% of his airway, so they decided to do a sleep study.
This is a picture of Aiden hooked up to all the wires for the sleep study. (He had to sleep with all of this on.) He was quite a trooper. They said he was their best patient that night :) When they got the results of the sleep study back, they found that he had moderate to severe sleep apnea, from his enlarged tonsils. They decided to remove his tonsils and adenoids and place ear tubes the very next day.
Aiden right before his surgery.

This was after the surgery. Aiden ate lots of popsicles and milkshakes for a couple of weeks. He actually healed really fast. I think he was in so much pain before the surgery that recovering from the surgery wasn't that bad.

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Bruni Bunch said...

Wow!! That was a lot of tubes. He is so brave.