Monday, December 13, 2010

Aiden's 5th Birthday

We had Aiden's birthday party at Sidekicks Karate. This is the place Aiden takes his karate classes. The kids had a blast. They got to run around the gym and they played games.
This is a picture of Aiden cutting his cake with a real Samurai sword. He thought this was pretty cool.
The guy helping Aiden cut his cake is Mr. Chris. He is one of Aiden's instructors.
Opening gifts
This is part of the dragon off Aiden's cake. He had already eaten the head off :)
They had a pinata filled with candy for the kids to break. Instead of using a bat to break it open though, they had to do karate kicks on it. They all liked this.
Mr. Chris had Aiden get up and show his friends a few karate kicks they could use on the piƱata.

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Bruni Bunch said...

Finally had time to look at your blog. Looks like your all doing well and having fun;) Love your new professional pics on the blog!! They are all beautiful! Hope you got your Christmas card from me. I realized I sent it to the wrong address after I got yours;)