Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our little cowboy

Here is our little cowboy in training. He was pretending to ride his horse Spook. Aiden just loves animals, which I am glad because his dad and I do too. He has a blast at the ranch in Salmon!
This was branding weekend in Salmon, so of course he had to dress up like a cowboy.
This is the real horse Spook.
This is poppy's new colt. Aiden named him Lightening Macqueen, but I think poppy will also call him Gus.
This is aunt Heather's new baby Arther. Arther's moma died right after he was born, so Heather has been bottle feeding him. I have to say Arther is pretty smart he has learned to use the doggy door and is pretty much potty trained.


heather said...

Our "kids" are so cute!!!

Joy Atkin said...

Hi Mandy! Yes, these blogs are lots of fun and an awesome way to keep in touch with everyone. Aiden looks like he's enjoying life to the fullest!