Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun times in Salmon, ID

This is the latest addition to the Olson family. Her name is Wiggles. She is a miniature pot belly pig. She was so cute I asked Jim if we could get one to keep in our back yard, but he informed me that our subdivision doesn't allow farm animals. Sounds like an excuse to me :)

We all went fishing one evening. No one was lucky enough to catch any fish.

Aiden likes to wear poppy's dirty, old cowboy hat!

Yes, that is a big, beautiful diamond on Heather's finger! Heather and Lance got engaged while we were in Salmon. We were so excited for them. None of us realized how romantic Lance was:) They are planning on getting married next August! That evening I was explaining to Aiden what getting engaged met. I told him that Heather and Lance would get married like mommy and daddy and then have babies someday. We went upstairs and Aiden said "Grammy, aunt Heather is having a baby". He just skipped ahead a few years!

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Hansen Family said...

Mandy I love all your blogging. Keep it up!