Monday, March 16, 2009

Aiden can't wait for our baby to "pop" out!

Towards the end of my pregnancy Aiden kept saying "I can't wait for our baby to pop out, so you can hold and carry me again." Little did he know I would then be holding and carrying our new baby. I almost didn't do maternity pictures again, but decided I better since I did when I was pregnant with Aiden. We all ended up having fun with the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful, precious! thank you for sharing. I hope you will give kisses and hugs to everyone. I miss you all, I hope we can get together soon, as my part time job is so crazy - I hope I do not have to wait until the kids graduate from high school before we get together!

Bruni Bunch said...

All so fun... Addison is a doll:) Its great to see your beautiful family. You and Amber always tell such cute stories about your kids. It cracks me up;)