Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All smiles and giggles!

This is a video of Addie laughing. I love when you hear those first little belly laughs!


Hansen Family said...

Love Addie's giggle! That is the best when they start doing all of the fun stuff.

Bruni Bunch said...

Hi Mandy!!!I have been meaning to comment and it is crazy to think it has been over a month. Where does time go? LOL:)You have such cute kids. And you look beautiful as always!!! I really need to call you and just catch up:-)

kay said...

Just enjoyed your family video. Pat forwarded it to me in hopes that I would show it to Grandma Thompson which I will do. Also to Ed and Eric. The kids are so lucky to have you both as parents!! They grow up so fast! Love, Aunt Kay from Salmon