Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We had a couple Halloween parties this year.
This one was at our house with all the kids from our playgroup. We painted pumpkins, had punch with pretend spiders in it, and of course dressed up :)

This party was at the Downie family's. Aiden fell off the trampoline this night and landed on his head. So he had a huge red scab in the middle of his forehead for a couple of weeks. We told him it just matched his Buzz lightyear costume and looked like another button to push. He thought that was pretty funny.

My little lady bug!
Here is Buzz with the red "button" on his head.
The McLarens had an adult only Halloween party that started after our kids were done trick or treating. This is Debbie, Tami, Me, Jim, and Ron getting ready for the party. Doesn't Ron make a a great Bret Michaels!

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Bruni Bunch said...

I love your costume!! Dressing up is so much fun:)