Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aiden's 3rd Birthday

We can't believe our little man just turned 3. He is growing up so fast! Here is a picture of him and poppy Verdell after the party. They were wrapped in the two Lighting McQueen sleeping bags he got for his birthday. Poppy Verdell didn't last long before he actually fell asleep.
Aiden and grandpa Jim eating spaghetti at the party.
Of course, Aiden had to have a "cars" birthday party theme. This is him posing with his cake.

We also had a friend birthday party with Aiden's playgroup. Here they all got to swing at the pinata! It was funny to watch the difference between the little girls and the boys. The girls would barely swing and all the little boys gave it everything they had. It was pretty cute.

We actually got most of the kids to pose for their picture!

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