Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ring bearer

Aiden was the ring bearer in my friends Jenny and Ryan's wedding. Aiden looked so handsome in his little tux. He didn't exactly take the ring down the isle by himself, lets just say he and Jim were both the ring bearers. Over all he did a pretty good job though.

This was one of the cars he "earned" for walking down the isle.

Aiden and the other little kids had so much fun dancing at the wedding. This is a picture of Aiden "break dancing." He was watching the older boys spin around on the floor and decided to copy them.

Aiden and the groom, Ryan, at the wedding!

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Bruni Bunch said...

Oh that is so sweet. I bet you were proud of him. He looks so cute in his tux. Our kids have had their moments of trying to imitate break dancing. I was amazed and laughing so hard at the same time:)