Friday, September 11, 2009


We didn't really get to go boating much this summer. With moving and lots of projects, our summer went by fast. We did make it out a few times though. Addie really liked the boat. Which is good because we are typically on it a lot in the summer.
I guess this is one of the perks to being a boy on a boat. If you've got to go potty, you just do it off the back of the boat! Look at those cute little buns :)
We put Aiden on the surf board and Jim held it while I drove the boat. Aiden did good, he was very proud of himself for "surfing".

Jim talked me into surfing this summer. It was actually a lot of fun and much smoother than wake boarding when you crash .
This is a video of Aiden, Devon, and Cameron rockin out on the boat, so cute! (Aiden is the one in the middle)

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