Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh how Aiden loves his bunnies!

Every time we go to Salmon, Aiden will spend hours holding and petting the bunnies in the petting zoo. So his grandma Valerie gave him 2 bunnies to bring back to Nampa. Their names are Peter and Pumpkin eater. My mom said "well I hope you either have 2 boys or 2 girls, so you don't end up with baby bunnies" (I guess it is hard to tell the sex of a bunny when they are babies.) Well Aiden's bunnies got bigger and about a month ago we saw Pumpkin eater "playing" with Peter. So we switched their names and figured out that we have a girl and a boy bunny:) I guess their gestation time is about 33 days, so we figure that we might have baby bunnies any day. Anyone up for a free baby bunny?

We keep joking that we can't believe the bunnies are alive between Aiden handling them and our dog Spencer. (Spencer is completely obsessed with the bunnies, almost crazy. He is always biting little tufts of hair out of their tails)
Aiden was playing doctor with his bunnies on this day.

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