Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Miss Addie

Addie just turned 7 months old. Wow does time fly. I love watching her little personality blossom. She has such a sweet demeanor. Addie is always smiling and is very social. It is so sweet to watch her with Aiden. He is definitely her favorite person. We just love having a little girl. They are so much fun to dress up! You can never have to many bows or pink clothes.
Addie is moving all over now. We never find her in the same spot. She had gotten herself stuck in between the couch and the end table in this picture.

Look at this wild hair! We love it though. I have to pull it up in pig tails or pony tails everyday or it is in her eyes.
Addie taking a tubby in the sink at the hotel in Twin Falls.

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